Song for Athena

Sumptuous villas, wild parties and wealthy friends – Athena’s life seemed to have it all.

When Julia gets a phone call from Athena, the older sister she barely knows, and an invitation to stay with her in Spain, she agrees wholeheartedly. Julia has always been in awe of Athena with her lavish lifestyle. However, during her stay in Spain, Julia realizes that Athena’s life doesn’t seem to be quite as carefree as she had always assumed, and loud arguments indicate that something is wrong.

Back in London Julia hears that Athena’s villa has been ransacked and her sister killed. In shock, she returns to Spain to sort out funeral arrangements and discovers amongst her things a key to a safety deposit box, in which are four envelopes, each containing criminal evidence.

Slowly Julia uncovers the truth surrounding Athena’s life, and it proves to be a dangerous world full of dark secrets, blackmail and death.

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727856548
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