Flame Child

'I was five years old when the nightmares really begun...'

It was always the same image that appeared in Annabel's dreams, that of her mother and baby brother trapped in the fire which caused their death. As a child, self-preservation demanded that she forgot what had happened that night, but that didn't stop the whispers of doubt and accusation that followed her, and as she grew into womanhood her life was overshadowed by guilt.

Eventually, Annabel finds security in marriage to an older man. With the arrivalof her son, Annabel begins to feel that her happiness is complete and her uneasy memories have finally been laid to rest.

But it is not to be. Annabel's dream of family life crumbles when the nightmares start to return. She is convinced that her only chance of future peace lies in the past, remebering what happened all those years ago. If only she could be sure that the reality wouldn't be more disturbing than the nightmares...

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0708941393
Available from: www.Amazon.co.uk