Spring Will Come

As a child Dorrel Harris admires Jay Sawle, the only boy in the school brave enough to champion her against the class bullies. As a young woman she is eaqually admiring of him but by then jay is handsome, swaggering, good-looking man, the catch of the district and her social superior, as Sorrel's father works for Jay's father. When Jay finally asks her to the annual fair, Sorrel is walking on clouds; and thenJay confides a family secret: that besides his elder brother Richie and sister Fanny he has a half-brother, Shima, his father's illegitimate son who was rased by gypsies.

Dark-eyed and distant, Shima is very differant from the rest of his tribe. Fiercely desired by the lovely gipsy girl Tarina, he has no thought of taking her as his but instead turns fis attentions to Sorrel, saving her from a cowardly and sadistic attack. She cannot help but be grateful and so the brothers become rivals in love.

At first it is no contest: Jay has always commanded her heart. But as the drums of war sound in Europe, first Jay and then Shima volunteer for the Front and Sorrel is left to fill her empty days in nursing the wounded and longing for the return of the man she loves - if she could only decide which one of them that is.

Published by: Piatkus
ISBN Number: 978-0708940198
Available from: www.Amazon.co.uk