The Seeds of Sin

The final instalment of the English Civil War trilogy.

England, 1663. Angelica Saunders has always felt shut out by her fortunate cousins Hal and Claire. But Hal's destiny will not turn out as golden as it seems - for the sins of his father will return to haunt him.

Harry Mortimer had two boys: Hal, by the gentle Mercy Harris, and Jared, by the gypsy Rowena, now a bitter woman who has raised Jared to hate his brother with a desperate vengeance.

When Claire rejects Hal's proposal, Angelica hopes her chance may have come to win Hal's heart. But instead, a shocked and angry Hal has abrief liaison with the loverly gypsy Serena - a decision that will lead to a tragic conflict with his half brother.

Will the seeds of Harry Mortimer's mistakes destroy the two families so united in all that they have suffered during the war and its aftermath - or will Angelica find happiness at last?

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727863898
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