Her Knight Protector

To love, honour and protect...

Alain de Banewulf may have triumphed at the hand of his sword during the Crusades, and returned home steeped in glory, but he needs to prove to himself that his skills as a knight lie beyond the battlefield.

Alaine's life is set to change when he rescues Katherine of Grunwald from brigands. For Katherine is carrying a treasure desired by all of Christendom - one that men will kill for - and Alain has sworn to protect her from the perils that lie ahead. With Katherine's help, perhaps Alain will come to realise that his honour depends not only on his bravery in the face of battle, but also on his strength of love for one woman.

Published by: Harlequin Mills & Boon ( Historical Romance )
ISBN Number: 978-0263843804
Available from: www.Amazon.co.uk