Milady's Revenge

Corinna Knolls arrives in London after a year of mourning for her much loved mother and immediately falls in love with Edward Fitzroy, the new Marquis of Lanchester. The marquis admires the loverly but nave young girl, though he has no wish to marry her or any woman. One night, swept away on a tide of passion, Corinna allows the marquis to seduce her, but she soon regrets her foolishness when she realizes she is with a child. She contemplates taking her own life, but instead confesses her situation to her father, who then forces her to marry the vile Sir Keith Miles.

Too late, Corinna realizes that she ought to have kept her secret at all costs. Can she learn to put the bitterness of the past behind her? Or will a hidden menace snatch away her happiness for ever?

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727861351
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