The Adventurer's Wife

In the glorious autumn of Elizabeth's reign...

With supporters rallying for her rival, Mary Queen of Scots, and the Spanish invasion fleet on the horizon, Elizabeth turns to her secret service for help.

An adventurer and privateer serving the Queen's spymaster, Sir Christopher Hamilton is dispatched to watch over Anne Marie Fraser. Held hostage because of her treacherous father's support for Mary Queen of Scots, Anne Marie's cloistered plight angers and then frustrates Kit. Rescuing her from her father's cruel hands on the high seas, Kit takes her to his family home and seeks permission from the Queen to marry. But he hasn't counted on Anne Marie's fury at discovering his deception. She will marry him but won't be his wife in anything more than name...

Published by: Harlequin Mills & Boon ( Historical Romance )
ISBN Number: 978-0263840872
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