The Homeless Heiress

'I have tried to be sensible for both our sakes,'

He reached out for her, his hands taking her by the arms. For a moment he stared at her, his face working as he tried to supress his feelings. He was in no position to form an attachment! He groaned, lowering his head to kiss her. As his mouth covered hers in a hungary, demanding kiss, Georgie shivered, resisting for a moment before melting against him. He drew back, looking down at her. 'I am not made of ice, Georgie, though you may think it. Seeing you dressed as a youth...being with you in that carriage...I have wanted to do this for so long. wanted more! You must know that I am deeply attracted to you?'
Published by: Harlequin Mills & Boon ( Historical Romance )
ISBN Number: 978-0-263-86267-6
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